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How do group owners make money from groups to pay for critical group services and even, gasp!, partially defray their time in building and managing the group.  Let us know below. Please provide your group, program, and program details.



Do you charge to send one or more emails blast to all your members?

  • DallasBlue has 40,000 members with mailing list and LinkedIn group. Advertising is $1,500, which includes a personal email blast/announcement to all members, addition to calendar for events, and coverage in our regular newsletter.
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Event sponsors

Do you hold events?  What to you typically charge title and regular sponsors? Please share prices and programs here.


Sponsored content

Sponsored content like white papers and digital books can be posted in your group and sent via email and announcements.  They typically pay via CPA (Cost per Action, in this case a registration form to get the content). What vendors do you use and recommend.  How much do they pay and what has been your experience (with gross revenue and size of your group, or revenues per thousand members)?

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Direct marketing

Do you maintain a database for targeted emails?  If so, share more info here on services and pricing.



What other ways do you generate revenues?


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