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What is a Weak Connection


A Weak Connection is a contact that does not personally know you.


Weak connections may include:

  • Supernetworkers with over 500 connections.
  • ActiveNetworkers.
  • LinkedIn members who openly publish their email address.
  • LinkedIn members who invite people they don't know to connect.


Weak connections do not replace your trusted connections. It supplements them. So you can have both QualityAndQuantity in your network. Weak connections agree to help one another by forwarding their professional requests. There is no expectation of a personal or custom referral.


Sometimes weak connections may have different expectations about networking and LinkedIn than you, or they may be new or inexperienced. Be aware that that can lead to unexpected or unwanted behavior.

  • They may reject your connection invitation
  • They typically do not provide personal or custom introductions.
  • They may complain to you about your LinkedIn actions or emails.
  • They may complain to LinkedIn about your LinkedIn actions or emails.
  • They may send you irrelevant emails or sign you up to an irrelevant mailing list.

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