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Recommended services

  • tweetbymail.com - send and receive tweets via email, post to multiple accounts, filter messages
  • bit.ly - URL shortener AND low cal dessert. Includes character count and registration of multiple Twitter accounts. EZ publishing - paste long URL, shorten, edit Tweet, and send!


Using Twitter

A tiered approach to messages

    1. Cell phone.  Enable your phone on Twitter.  You have the option to follow members on your phone.  Useful for family, close friends, or people in your company. 

    2. Email.  Use TweetByMail or a similar service to receive updates for selected (through the filter)  people.  I have an email filter that stores those messages in a folder that I regularly check.

    3. Web. Use Twitter or a Twitter client to review tweets you don't receive via phone or email.  I rarely use this.

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