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Our Twitter Resources page has recommendations and links to a whole slew of Twitter tools, tips, and sites.


Using Twitter


A tiered approach to messages

Twitter is used by millions of people in many different ways.  Some users follow just a few folks, others follow thousands.  Use the right medium and channel to avoid tweet overload. 


  1. Cell phone message.  You can register and enable your phone on Twitter.  When you do, for each person you follow you have the option to receive the update on your phone.  This can useful for:
    1. Family, close friends, and people in your company
    2. Low volume tweeters
    3. Special time-sensitive tweet publishers, like auctions
  2. Email. If you're an email hound like me, your primary communications medium is email.  TweetByMail (and similar services) enables you to receive updates via email.  You can select tweeters that you do or don't want to receive.   This is useful for people whose tweets are either time-sensitive or you otherwise want to make sure you regularly read.   I have an email filter that stores those messages in a folder.
  3. Web/client. Use Twitter or a Twitter client for the web or your phone to review tweets you don't receive via phone or email.  I rarely use this as I already have too many news and info sources and emails.  But maybe this is the right poison for you.
  4. Don't use Twitter.  Some twits can tweet 10 or 20 times a day!  Are you sure you want that setting off your cell phone or even clogging your mailbox?  Unless it's your brother Rufus, perhaps it's best to just subscribe to their regular blog or email newsletter.


Marketing Use of Twitter

  • Branding. Twitter provides a personal and immediate face to a company, product, or personality.  More established brands employ staff or an external agency for their tweets.  In all cases be sure the brand is authentic, the voice is genuine, and you try to be responsive to your audience.
  • Viral. Like other social media, Twitter provides opportunities for your customers and fans to support you and share you with others.  When you follow someone, they often follow you in return.  Popular messages are often retweeted by your followers. 
  • Right channel. Tweeter is a micro-blogging platform that provides immediacy for short messages.  Some communications are a natural fit for Twitter and wouldn't be appropriate or get lost on other media like web blogs, forums, or newsletters.
  • Another channel.  The more ways target prospects are touched by you, the more likely they'll become customers.  The more ways your customers are willingly touched, the higher their loyalty.  Drive your visitors and readers in other marketing channels to follow you on Twitter.  Put your Twitter URL in your sig, on your web page, in your newsletters, etc.  Provide info and run programs in Tweeter to encourage people to follow you.
  • Multi-channel.  People use different channels to receive information.  If you have news or articles, post them across multiple channels, including Twitter, to increase your reach.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Twitter feeds are syndicated by a huge array of sites and services and itself being increasingly picked up by the search engines. 
  • Giveaways. The immediacy and virality of Twitter make it a great fit for sweepstakes, contests, and promotions.
  • Prospecting.  Services like uSocial provide prospects similar to list rentals available via direct mail and email.
  • Special deals.  Dell is the poster boy for business on Twitter. Twitter provides an immediate self-managed opt-in audience ideal for time-sensitive or inventory-limited deals.
  • Combos.  Combine techniques for even more leverage.  Have your fans write your tweets.  Show where your followers live. Give web listings as an incentive or bonus to tweeters.


How They Tweet

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