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Twitter Resources

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There are hundreds of sites and apps  that view, slice, dice, integrate, and otherwise touch Twitter.  Here are our recommendations and a slew of links and info to get you started.  We'll periodically update this list.


Recommended services


Namechk - When you get started with Twitter you first have to pick a user name.  Why not choose one that supports your brand (company or product) and preferably is unique across many web sites and social services? Namechk checks over 100 sites, including top ones like Google, Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Know 'Em checks over 350.


Wordpress - Leading blog site offers nice integration.  In additon to being a free blogging site it:

  • Automatically creates short URLs
  • Posts tweets with short URL and blog post title, which can be edited. 
  • Updates LinkedIn status update, when it's set to read Twitter updates.
  • LinkedIn app reads Wordpress blog entries into LinkedIn account profiles


Tweets via email

  • tweetbymail.com - send and receive tweets via email, post to multiple accounts, filter messages
  • Feedblitz - Free all-purpose RSS subscription sends daily email updates.  It handles Twitter feeds just like any other web page.  Simply set Feedblitz to subscribe to Twitter accounts like http://twitter.com/LinkDaddy


Meta Networks

These sites update and/or display multiple social networks. 
  • LinkedIn - automatically updates LinkedIn status update with Twitter posting, integrates mini Twitter reader for user accounts
  • Ping.fm - support about 40 social networks
  • Seesmic - supports 50 social networks

  • www.utterli.com  - phone updates, unconfirmed supports delayed sends.  Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, TypePad, Twitter, WordPress, MovableType, Flickr, YahooGroups, Twitxr, Drupal, LiveSpaces, YouTube, MetaWeblog API, Pownce, blip.tv

  • www.Power.com - Orkut, MySpace, Hi5, LinkedIn, Twitter .
  • trigga.me -   Includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • HootSuite - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Wordpress, nd ping.fm, which gets all the rest.  Has high-end features, such for iPhone, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter lists, teams, etc.



It doesn't take long for most Twitter users to move beyond using Twitter.com to post and monitor their posts or “tweets.”  There are much more powerful tools at your disposal for reading, filtering, searching and posting to Twitter.com
  • TweetDeck, is the most popular web client.  It features a huge but customizable user interface that makes it easier to track posts, replies and direct messages as well as set up customized searches
  • PeopleBrowsr
  • Twitterific - Mac
  • Adobe Air-based clients such as TweetDeck, Twhirl, Tweetr and Spaz
  • Firefox add-ons like Twitterfox and TwitBin;
  • TweetLater and FutureTweets, which let you schedule posts and autoreplies, making your tweeting life easier.



Tracking Twitter conversations can quickly become overwhelming, which necessitates a search tool. Twitter got its first search tool in the form of third-party service Summize. The application proved so useful and popular, Twitter acquired Summize last summer and now runs it at search.twitter.com.
  • Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are sharing and talking about.
  • TweetMeme tracks hot topics.
  • Twithority and Twitority (yes, they both exist) return search results based on an authority-rating of the person writing the post.
  • Tweetbeeps, meanwhile, adds alerting to search, allowing users to set up search terms and be alerted hourly—via Twitter of course—when the term is used.
  • Search and directory tools help users finder other Twitterers, including Twellow, which organizes users by industry category, and Mr. Tweet, which recommends people to follow. On the other side of the coin, Qwitter and Twitterless let you know who's stopped following your tweets.
  • Tweetag
  • Searchtastic. Search historical tweets, top 100.



  • TwitChuck - Check the Twitter spam score of yourself and others





You can use Tweeter to access tweets via their web site or on your mobile phone.  But what if you don't want to use a separate application or action and just want to receive updates through email, just like your other communications.  Here are a few services that do that.

  • tweetbymail.com - send and receive tweets via email, post to multiple accounts, filter messages
  • Feedblitz - Free all-purpose RSS subscription sends daily updates.  It handles Twitter feeds just like any other web page.  Simply set Feedblitz to subscribe to Twitter accounts like http://twitter.com/LinkDaddy


URL  Shortners

Small URLs are critical due to Twitter's 140 character tweet limitation.  Publishing sites and apps from Google to Wordpress now increasingly directly build in URL shortners.

  • bit.ly - URL shortener now used by Twitter.  Includes custom URLs, registration of multiple Twitter accounts, URL link tracking, and more.
  • Post.y from blogger Posterous focuses on ease of use.  Enter text that's too long for Twitter?  No problem they truncate it and put in in a link to a blog entry?  Don't have blog or Posterous account?  No problem.  They automatically create one for on your first use. Have photos, videos, music, or other files?  No problem.  Just attached and again it's added to the blog. 
  • tinyurl.com - TinyURL is the popular granddaddy of URL shorterers and includes custom URLs.  It's been surpassed by others that provide more features and integration.
  • URL Shortening directory. Mashable lists 90 URL shortening services


Visual analysis

Graphical tools for analyzing Twitter conversations, including some designed specifically for marketing professionals, are starting to proliferate.
  • Twist lets you visually compare topic trends.
  • TweetStats reports on how you and your followers are tweeting.
  • TweetVolume graphically compares how often certain phrases are tweeted.
  • TweetPro is a paid service for finding out who is talking about your products and services.



  • http://www.wildfireapp.com - Wildfire is a nifty service that automates one of the top Twitter promotional uses - running a contest.  But it's not free.  Even the most basic use costs $5 + $1/day.




Hashtags (#)

  • From Twitter Fan wiki: An overview + the following resources - hashtags.org provides real-time tracking of Twitter hashtags. Opt-in by following @hashtags to have your hashtags tracked.  Similarly, Twemes offers real-time tracking without the necessity of following a specific Twitter account.  Also, with their purchase of Summize, Twitter itself now offers some support of hashtags at their search engine: http://search.twitter.com. Other services such as TweetChatTweetGrid, and Twitterfall are also popular for following hashtags in real-time.
  • http://twubs.com. Search and build communities around tags

Twitter page customization

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