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From SuccessStories

LinkedInSuccess Stories - Issamar Ginzberg


I'll take the liberty of sharing some of the amazing power of LinkedIn.


I am an Entrepreneur, currently in the process of taking My Real

Estate/Financial Services Company public on the OTCBB.


At the same time, I have been in touch with the CEO of a company which

trades on the Pink Sheets... I have been working on putting together a

"Brand Incubator" which would create and grow new brand concepts as

well as acquiring stakes in other promising franchise and retail

concepts where we see vision and promise...


So, for the "I WANT A CUT"(tm) hair salon chain we are exploring,

which will be launched at the same market as SuperCuts (a Regis brand)...


I have reached out via LinkedIn and found several Execs who are

industry veterans, and who would make great CEO/VP/Advisor/Directors

at this new and exciting brand. And I don't have the words to properly

describe how having such people coming on board does for a company in

the arena of Experience, getting launched, and in the Press, being

perceived correctly as a new brand that has the right people behind it

to make it succeed. And among Investors as well, besides having an

Experienced Entrepreneur at the helm of the business, a much greater

comfort level is had by investors when people who have spent their

lifetimes in an industry are running the show day-to-day.


In my real estate venture as well, getting a Mortgage Industry veteran

to come on board to launch "The Funding Fathers" (tm) also adds alot

of creditability and confidence to myself and my investors that the

company will actually live up to its potential in becoming a mortgage

and finance powerhouse.


LinkedIn has introduced me to many people (dare I say it's cost me at

least one Lunch:)...) and the same goes in reverse... People have

contacted me for my business advice and to offer me projects.


Hope you find this helpful. Feel Free to email me offline or to

connect via LinkedIn if you have a legitimate business interest.


All the best,


Issamar Ginzberg

Inc. Magazine Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2005


LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/issamar

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