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Perfect Me

Page history last edited by Marc Freedman 11 years, 3 months ago

Once upon a time I worked with a partner who had incredible facial photo manipulation technology.  It automatically optimized and balanced the photo to smooth your skin tones along with other digital and photo tricks.  I developed a concept for it called "Perfect Me."  It was a web service that would touch up your crappy photos and make you look truly mahvelous. It was Glamour Shots without having to pay $100 or leave your house.  Great for dating site photos.  The technology was incredible but in the end I was never able to offer it as a product.


Today however you can do the next best thing.  There are a few sites, including the one below, that feature a Virtual Makeover.  Upload your photo and try thousands of hairstyles and makeup in a click.  You can get as glammed and hot as you desire.  Be sure to save the photo (take a screenshot if you must).  However reality is another matter.  And a new man is not included.





Marc Freedman

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