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from AskMyDaddy

LinkedIn for Networking

You asked


Since what I'm basically marketing is myself, perhaps online networks are not the right medium. I'm trying to sell my skills and experience on LinkedIn and other networking venues, as well as my own sites . It's not working. Someone had suggested calling all my contacts on LinkedIn who might be interested, which sounded like a good idea until I realized most people don't post their phone numbers on LI!


I've had a few nibbles. Several recruiters have contact me, but none of them found me on LI or any other networking sites. They found my resume posted on Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.


So, I'm back to thinking online is not for me.


MyLinkDaddy writes


Your situation is surprisingly common. Many LinkedIn users similarly abandon the service when the "fun" dies down, the honeymoon is over, and results are meager. LinkedIn is good at sucking you in, not so good at keeping you engaged.


Now that you have some experience ... Congratulations! Welcome to the twelve step program for recovery from LinkedIn Euphoria Syndrome. You just reached step one, admitting your problem.


In rare cases extended usage of LinkedIn may result in a lack of personal contact, irritable gluteus maximus, lack of appetite, diminished interest in sex not including small furry animals, or priapism. If cerebral dysfunction lasts longer than 36 hours, please consult your LinkDaddy and call http://WhosYourDaddyShow.com .


So you've read LinkedInWorks and concluded it doesn't. Now it's time to get real.


  • The value of altruism. The Qualify of mercy is not strained, and neither is the Nature of "pay it forward" in networking. It does demand a commitment of time and effort to develop and maintain your community. Some people have the availability and interest to actively participate on this basis. If you do, then have fun, but still stay away from small furry animals. If you don't, read on, gentle reader.


  • Set realistic expectations. If you're disappointed in LinkedIn, it's because you set your expectations too high. It's simply another part of your business and career toolkit. You never know where that next order, contract, or job is going to come from. You likely already have a blog, a web site, resumes on Monster and elsewhere, profiles on Facebook and other networks, etc. With 15 million (and rising) users, you should have a presence on LinkedIn so people can find you. You don't need to quit, but it may make sense to scale back your ambitions and activities.


  • Get a plan. Even though you main objective isn't business, you can still manage your LinkedIn activities like a business to maximize payoff and exposure and minimize effort. Follow the tips on our Business page.


  • Set limits. You wouldn't spend a lot of time panhandling on the corner to earn a living, why would you do that on LinkedIn or anywhere else where there isn't a payoff. Manage your time. Commit to a specific amount of time per week to spend on LinkedIn and stick to it.


  • Kick the habit. There are numerous ways to reduce your LinkedIn obligations. This could include (in rough order of severity):
  • > Get a real girlfriend
  • > Get a large dog
  • > Get a hobby
  • > Indicate you're a closed networker with groups like http://MyLink500.com, Lions, etc.
  • > Don't send out LinkedIn Introductions
  • > Remove your email address from your profile
  • > Stop accepting LinkedIn invitations
  • > Withdraw from LinkedIn groups
  • > Stop participating in LinkedIn-associated Yahoo groups
  • > Reduce your frequency in responding to network messages. I don't recommend a period of any longer than once a week.
  • > Reduce your number of connections by breaking weak connections.

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