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Use MyLinkWiki when you post to a forum or elsewhere in the Internet


Do you write long LinkedIn emails or posts to forums or blogs? Then what happens? ... After a while it gets old. People forget the post. You lose the email. You can't even find and re-use it. ... Fuggedaboutit! ... Write your entry at MyLinkWiki first.


Here is our cornucopia of reasons to post here first.


  • Share it with the world. Your brilliant article is available to the entire Internet, including MyLinkWiki visitors, and not just to forum readers or email recipient.
  • Free promotion. Get free traffic and higher search engine rankings. If you're a consultant, author, or just want to add more LinkedIn connections, a MyLinkWiki entry gives you visibility that results in more traffic and better search engine listings.
  • Your own URL. You get your own simple web address to use. No need to try to find old articles or cutting and pasting lots of text.
  • Write once, post everywhere. It's easy to share your article with friends and other forums. Just share the URL with them.
  • Nothing's permanent. You can always edit the wiki entry to improve, update, or correct it.
  • Enhanced formatting. Simple text can be limiting. The wiki provides a variety of formatting options to better present your article.
  • Easier than writing a web page. It's a snap to write a wiki entry. Whether you just want to write straight text or use formatting styles, it's simpler than creating a web page.

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