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NEW! MyLinkNetwork @ http://MyLinkNetwork.com

The DallasBlue Top LinkedIn Networker Directory (formerly called MyLink500) is now called MyLinkNetwork and has its own web site and database. The listings below are over a year old, although a few people still update them..


We moved to a real database @ http://MyLinkNetwork.com . So you no longer need use the outdated, clunky, and limited wiki table below. The new service makes it much easier to add and edit your listing, and search and sort the database. We've also added a few more fields so you can add more business or personal info. Please go to http://MyLinkNetwork.com to create your listing, update your number of connections, and grab open networkers email addresses to send invitations.









from 500 : http://MyLinkNetwork.com

MyLink500 Top LinkedIn Networkers: 2,500-5,000 connections


Home :: Connections: 10,000+ - 5,000-10,000 - 2,500-5,000 - 1,500-2,500 - 1,000-1,500 - 500-1,000 - 500- :: Add or update your listing :: Map/Slideshow


To add or edit your listing, please use only the regular wiki text editor via the 'Edit Page' text link at the top or bottom of the page. Do not use the "point and click" or HTML editor.



LinkedIn or MyLinkWiki Link Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules.
Benny Leijdsman 4,999+ Tilburg, The Netherlands R&D Programme & Competence Area Manager at Philips Medical Systems :: LinkedIn Open Networker :: I welcome new connections !! Feel free to invite me via linktobenny(at)gmail.com
Clint Cielto 4,700+ Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean Nations Owner, Web Pros Global, Media Pros Global, Tutor of Graphics, Web, Video and Internet Consultant. Open to invitations, ideas and opportunities
Tim Paymans 4,620 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Managing Director, Entrepreneur, Dissint Group BV, Global Sourcing, Europe - South Africa, Looking for European Joint Venture Partners in debt/credit management, shared service centres, transaction processing, accounting and call centres : www.dissint.com. Accountancy BPO (offshore) in The Netherlands, www.budgetboekers.nl. Invites to tpaymans@dissint.nl
Philippe Nicolaï-Dashwood 4,550+ Paris, France EU "Matrix" (ie Serial & Parallel) Entrepreneur & Inventors Agent(philippe.nicolai+linkedin@gmail.com)
Paul Zagoridis 4504 Sydney, Australia Public Company Division Manager (EVP), Fast startup entrepreneur, Film Producer & LION, invite me at link@zagz.com
Jaroslav Pros 4444+ Prague, Czech Republic Local operational risk manager at CSOB, founder of www.networkingpros.info and www.linkin.cz feel free to contact me at jarda.linkedin@gmail.com or you can use this Direct invitation to linkedin
Jim Browning 4,400+ Acworth, GA (Atlanta) USA +6.2M Network Network with Me! My Email: Jim.Networking@gmail.com Linked In Training Available --> For More Information Click Here! LinkedIn Training Dates
Chris Murray 4,375 London, UK Open Networker, interested in the referral economy and online advertising. Join me at: www.agloco.com/r/BBBT2370 Invites to reliv.global@gmail.com
David Keim 4,227 Atlanta, GA USA Sales and Business Development Executive dkeim@possiblenow.com 4,200+ Connections
April Barry Braswell 4,225 San Francisco, CA USA april_linkedin(at)yahoo.com Tech Sales & Marketing Consulting (Oracle 11i, ERP, OEM, CRM), Networking Maven,
Dave Dees 4,064+ San Francisco Bay Area Class Action Specialist / Private Investigator :: We conduct research in support of Class Actions :: Class Action Research :: DGD at Cruzio dot com :: Open networker. I'll be happy to accept your invitation to connect.
Robert Otto 4,050+ Boston, MA USA Director, Product Marketing and Pricing at GN Netcom / Jabra - Open Networker (4,050+ Connections) rotto.linkedin@gmail.com
Avi Polak 4,000 United Kingdom Managing Director - n-Ventures Networks Ltd. - Avi is currently looking to expand his professional network to all aspects of the telecommunications industry.
Thubten Comerford 4,000+ Denver, Colorado, USA Creating a world that works for everyone, with no one left out: Heaven on Earth. Invite at EnlightenedVision@gmail.com.
Sjaak Hendriks 3,900 Netherlands Looking for marketing partners for PRINCE2 training. www.p2deliver.com, Projects2Deliver Pte Ltd. Interested in contract assignments. PRINCE2 (project management) and MSP (programme management) Practitioner level Certified. Connect to me on LinkedIn mylinks*hendriksservices*com
Nick Kellet 3,750 Kelowna, BC, Canada CEO GiftTRAP GiftTRAP, the hilarious 'Why didn't you get me that?' party game! I'm especially interested in connecting with Web 2.0 practitioners, social networkers and anyone interested in distributing GiftTRAP. I'm open to connection invites at at li_nk at mac dot com
Rohit Talwar 3,750 United Kingdom Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Strategist, Business Strategy Consultant, Change Catalyst, Entrepreneur
Robert V 3,700+ Colorado, USA Connect to me at: Click and remove hyphens
Steve Sammons 3,600 Chicago, IL USA CMO, Calumet Photographic, Inc.
Mark Howard 3,500+ Mountain View, Ca USA Search Research/Pipeline Generation, Intuit Human Resources; (Quicken Personal Finance Software, QuickBooks, TurboTax) - (mhowardhr@gmail.com)
Geoff Webb 3500+ Toronto, ON Canada Owner and Senior Sourcer - RMS
Daniel R. Sweet 3,500+ Houston, TX, USA Chief Cook and Bottle Washer / Sr. Recruiter (FRACAT.com) . If you're looking for technology-related connections or a Houston Recruiter, Dan is the person to speak with. Dan is an open networker and open to connect with any active networker. You never know when any of our connections will come in handy. Connect to me at: danielrsweet-at-gmail.com
Göran Askeljung 3,419 Vienna, Austria Director, immediate effects - we specialise in Personal Productivity training ("Getting Things Done", "Improved Reading" and "Effective Business Writing"), and Co-Founder, Trylox, Inc., "Best connected Swede on LinkedIn"
Patrick O'Donnell 3,406 San Francisco Bay, CA USA Product and Service Marketing (epojao at hotmail.com)
Gary Holzsager 3,375 Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL USA Vice President Biopharmaceutical Recruiting ; with over 3,300 connections
Mike Fesler 3,300 Indialantic, Florida, USA EVP Indialantic Business Management: Vice President of Capital Formation KMA Capital Partners: Business Amelioration Specialist: Venture Capital & Private Equity
Frank Laarakker 3260+ The Netherlands Business Analyst, Interaction Designer at PharmaPartners (http://www.pharmapartners.nl) @ frank.linkedin@hotmail.com
Hassan Mourad 3,200 Egypt Regional Sales Manager, Fixed Communications - Middle East @ Alcatel:: 3,200 connections
Lynn Failing 3,150+ Asheville, NC, USA lfailing@kimmel.com Vice President, Kimmel & Associates – Supply Chain Executive Search Worldwide, feel free to connect with me also on OpenBC
Curtis Nash


3,150 London, England Senior Executive, Mentor, Founder, Entrepreneur, Invester.
Virgilio Freire 3,500 Brazil Telecom Executive, International Experience, Fixed, Mobile, Carriers, Vendors, Strategy, Ops,
Tab Pierce 3,500 Seattle, WA USA President and CEO - The Zyon Group - www.zyongroup.com - - proud with 3,200 connections!
Bill Dillmeier 3,132 Seattle, WA Finance Professional
Thomas Lidforss 3,053 San Francisco Bay Area, USA Networking with anybody interested in new business opportunities and business dealmaking around the globe in high-tech industries
Bob Clark 3,001 Atlanta, GA Recruiting Manager, Custom Recruiting Solutions
Greg Bibas 3000+ Philadelphia, PA CEO & Founder, TMA Media, and Wharton MBA candidate class of 2008
Marty Secada 3,000 United States Managing Director - Broad and Wall Advisors - Marty is currently looking to expand his professional network to all aspects alternative investments including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate and collectibles
Maya Russo 2,955 Atlanta, GA, USA Account Manager at MATRIX Resources. Feel free to connect with me on linkedin.com. You can invite me to connect directly by using my name Maya Russo and my e-mail maya.russo@gmail.com. Quick Invite Link


Peter Markryd 2,875+ San Diego, CA USA Telecom Professional with 25 yrs wireless experience - Looking for an opportunity. To link in or discuss any opportunities please email: linkedin2006@sbcglobal.net
Cynthia de Lorenzi 4,504 Fairfax, VA, USA Success in the City Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur, Social Networking and New Media Consulting Expert CdeLorenzi at patriot.net


Laurent VERMOT-GAUCHY 2,768 France CEO & Entrepreneur, French Linked In "Hub", +2,700 connections
Jerry Lucas 2,700 San Jose, CA USA Internet Technology Sales, Engineering and Entrepreneur; Member w/ More Then 1,500 Direct Contacts
Andrew Cardwell 2,697 United Kingdom 2,697 connections
Carlos Governa 2,675 Portugal Owner, MRI Worldwide, Portugal, Staffing and Recruiting
Henk Buist 2,650 Netherlands Entrepeneur, Visionair, Innovator , with 2,650+ conn's, e-mail hbuist(at)gaggle-international.com
Alex Lightman 2,638 Los Angeles CEO of IPv6 pioneer Innofone (OTC BB: IMEN) alex@innofone.com
Doug Bruhnke 2600+ Scottsdale and Salt Lake City Growth Nation, Marketing Solutions to Grow (Doug@GrowthNation.com)
Jenny Cones 2550+ San Antonio, Texas Experienced Hire Recruiter - Sourcing Manager - Deloitte - LION
Gordon Whyte 2,500+ Scotland, UK Director of Operations @ Forth DD, Looking for new role
Tom Roukis 2500+ San Francisco Bay Area Regional Sales Manager, Spotfire Inc. (TRoukis@Spotfire.com)
Matthew Liptak 2,500+ Boston,MA Senior Recruiter-Reebok International TopLinked, Linkedin LION

Moderator-Linkedin US Marines Linkedin US Marines(LINK-USMC)

Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules
Full name # Connections Location Introduction. See DisplayRules


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