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Making your own Quick Invite link

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 9 months ago

How to create a Custom Quick Invite Link for your blog, website, or LinkedIN profile!


To create a Quick Invite link:

-Customize the link below with your information.



To add this link to your LinkedIn profile:

-Visit Tinyurl.com and paste the full link, in return you recieve a much shorter one that can fit on your profile.

-In your profile under "websites", add one with the tag "Other".

-Name it something like "Click to connect with me!" or something similiar.

-Paste your link and you're done!





Originally from Andy Beard's Site, Full article:




3/3/07 Update

An email from Privacy@linkedin.com was sent out to some users regarding these auto-invite links appearing in user profiles. Linkedin made an effort to delete some of these links from user profiles. Discussion of this issue has appeared on the Q&A section here:


Q&A Topic on Quick-Invite Links


The email stated "...Unfortunately, we've gotten complaints over the last week or so from users who were surprised and angry that they had unexpectedly sent an invitation when they clicked similar links. The links also jeopardize the privacy of the people who send the invitation, so we cannot allow them.




We'll be changing our software soon to prevent these links from working. Please don't re-enter it into your profile."

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