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Different ways to use LinkedIn

Feel free to add your own ideas! See SuccessStories and LinkedInWorks.



  • Hire employees or contractors
  • Sell products or services to qualified contacts
  • Conduct research on industries, products, or companies
  • Search for business partners
  • Find investors
  • Search for mentors
  • Recruit executives for new businesses
  • Build your marketing list
  • Profit from network marketing referrals.



  • Develop personal relationships with contacts who are influential, networking hubs, or are potential customers.
  • Get personal referrals from your connections to people who would be interested in your products.
  • GrowYourNetwork
  • Join professional or interest groups (LinkedIn Groups)
  • Make new business contacts in your industry or profession
  • Meet local business executives or professionals
  • Start a networking business
  • Travel! Meet new people and online contacts in person.
  • Build your own business or professional group
  • Update your connections on current business opportunities or interests
  • Market to targeted or interested connections and contacts
  • Conduct a NetworkingCampaign



  • Search job listings
  • Find recruiters in your industry
  • Do research on industries or companies you're interested in working for
  • Promote your availability by networking with executives or professionals in your industry
  • Locate hiring managers, HR, or other contacts at companies you want to work for
  • Network to find consulting or contracting positions
  • Contact someone for background info at a company you're interviewing with



  • Reconnect with old friends and associates
  • Link to fellow alumni
  • Join alumni groups (LinkedIn Groups)
  • Make new personal contacts who share your interests
  • Meet new people when you vacation

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