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LinkedIn Search Engine

What is it?

MyLinkSearch is a special LinkedIn search engine created from Google custom search. The engine searches LinkedIn, LinkedIn forums, and other LinkedIn resources.



Use MyLinkSearch to expand or supplement LinkedIn search or use the powerful Google search algorithm and settings.

  • Expand your LinkedIn search to include LinkedIn information, help, and support resources.
  • Use superior Google searching and formatting compared to a direct Linked search.
  • Display public LinkedIn profiles of LinkedIn members who are not in your direct network
  • Find LinkedIn open networkers who publicize their email address.
  • Search LinkedIn if you're not a member.
  • Expand your search for someone to all of the Internet if you're not able to find him or her on LinkedIn.





Technical Notes

  • Google Custom Search is a beta product and has some limitations and bugs.
  • The custom search appears to use the search settings from your last Google session if you changed them.
  • Google does an uneven job of indexing Yahoo group messages (I bet it has little problem with its own Google Groups). So only some, if any, individual messages are included.
  • Some of the searches are much or somewhat worse than searching direct on Google. Various combinations and settings have been tried to no avail to fix that.

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