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Lester Ingber

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Using a standard meeting template for all of your meetings can save you a lot of time and provide a much better documentation of your organization's decision-making.


[Meeting Topic]



  • [Attendee 1]
  • [Attendee 2]
  • [Attendee 3]



[Insert date information here]



  • 10 minutes: [Agenda item]
  • 10 minutes: [Agenda item]
  • 10 minutes: [Agenda item]
  • 30 minutes: [Agenda item]
  • 5 minutes: Wrap-up



  • If you are having a physical meeting, the ideal is to project this page on the wall and add to it as the meeting occurs.
  • This has two extremely positive effects
    • It ensures that all the meeting attendees agree on the notes
    • It eliminates the need for retyping notes later on


Action Items

  • As the meeting progresses, add any action items to this section to make sure they don't get forgotten or dropped
  • During the wrap-up phase of the meeting, review the notes and add any additional action items that spring to mind
  • Each action item should specify the task, the person responsible, and the due date.  Here is an example:
    • Finalize and publish list of new features to PBworks.com Web site (Ramit Sethi, by 3/15/2008)



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