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John Inman EdM PHR

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John Inman-Expert in human & organizational development




I have an interesting background. I invested years helping build small to medium sized enterprises focusing on creating quality practices and high levels of customer responsiveness. I then earned my masters in OD and Training and have combined all of my knowledge, skills, and abilites to help create organizations that are human centric and attract and keep high performance team memebers. My resume introduction is as follows:


Over 20 years building organizational practices and structures attracting and retaining high quality team members and profitably delivering high value to customers. Develops trust and rapport with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, and professional and technical levels. Leads organizational change, fosters team cohesion and increases employee morale and performance. Agile in dynamic environments and able to move initiatives forward successfully.


Leadership Mission:


There is no where to go and nothing to do except be of service.


Learning Mission:


Dedicated to the development of capacity and capabilities in adults for change and growth.


Human and organizational development expertise:


  • Leadership: Leading in a Human Centric Organization based on living systems framework
  • Management: Coaching to create high performance team members and teams
  • Process: Quality fluent with expertise in structuring enterprises that deliver high levels of value to clients
  • Team Building: Building high performance teams and operations
  • Learning: Team member development using collaborative strategies
  • Culture Development: Mission, Vision, Values, and Value Target development
  • Communications: Conversational models to create trust, rapport, and learning
  • Social, work, and learning styles: Developing trust and rapport and structuring teams based on work preference, learning style, and social style
  • Service: Creating outstanding internal and external customer service
  • Relationship Building : Developing relationships based on trust, rapport, and respect
  • Business development: Counselor sales management and strategic partnering to create and keep customers
  • Hospitality: Creating operations, teams, and team members that deliver high levels of hospitality to guests in the hospitality industry


Research focus:


Living/Organic systems

Sustainable systems

Conversational learning

Collaborative learning strategies

Learner centered, outcome based frameworks

Story telling




I have extensive experience in developing service & technology companies & specialize in systems thinking & conversational learning. I transform organizations by focusing on creating high performance team members working in a human centric organizational setting. I have over 15 years of operational & executive background and have decided to focus on developing the way HR operates in organizations. I am professionally certified in Human Resource Management & competent in all aspects of HR.


“John is one of the smartest and most positive individuals that I have been associated with. I had the pleasure of collaborating with him and witnessed his tremendous level of professionalism and extreme consideration vis-a-vis clients, partners and co-workers. His work contributed to making INI one of Lucent's top IVR applications development partners. A TRUE Professional!”

Alain Gracianette, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Alcius International, LLC


“I worked with John at Interactive Northwest - his skill and enthusiasm actually prompted me to consider switching out of Engineering into Sales - and in the longer term, helped open my eyes to the public-facing side of business. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Jeff Zurschmeide


“I have rarely met or worked with a human development professional as amazing as John Inman. John understands the emerging new adaptive, organic, paradigm for organizations. I would recommend John as a knowledgeable and effective developer of people and organizations, and a HRM specialist who understands and appreciates the HUMAN in Human Resources.”

Dr. Sheila Sheinberg, President, Center for Life Cycle Sciences


“John has a wonderful and rare combination of technical and people skills. He is adept at seeing the big picture and then understanding the steps necessary to get there. He is a consumate professional and a genius when it comes to Organizational Development. I would recommend him without hesitation for any OD or Human Resources professional positions.”

Rhett Kasparian, President, Notus Career Managment


“John is not only a professional in his field, but it is very rare to see managers with such compassion for others. He is a very caring and understanding person with an enourmous amount of experience. John always can remain calm in any given situation and would manage to always make the best decisions for employees and for the enterprise.”

Latsamy Charernsouk, Rooms Division Manager, Kahneeta High Desert Resort and Casino


You are welcome to contact me:


You are also welcome to visit my profile on linkedin at http://linkedin.com/in/wetherhaven and my web site at http://www.wetherhaven.com/professional.htm.

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