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from LinkedInSurprises

LinkedIn Invitation Processing Restrictions


See http://www.linkedin.com/invitations?displayReceived .


Note - as of Fall 2007 this feature was reinstated. All invitations on a page can be selected in a click for acceptance.


This is the best example of LinkedIn targeting ActiveNetworkers. LinkedIn used to allow one click acceptance of all received invitations, whether you had 2 or 50. It was a simple design and quite convenient.


Unfortunately too simple and too easy. LinkedIn couldn't have that. One click acceptance is ancient history. LinkedIn had to have a way to penalize people who get lots of invitations.


So LinkedIn forced users to click each individual invitation. Absurd and unnecessary.


But even that's not enough now. LinkedIn must cause its users more aggravation and wasted time. So in the next change members not only have to click each individual user, they can only do it a page (10 invitations) at a time. (Note - this was extended to 30 invitations in April 2007)


LinkedIn now forces you to go through a silly game where you:

  • Click each individual invitation on a page.
  • Click Accept. (note - if you click another page, the past clicks from the prior page are lost.).
  • Wait a few minutes while LinkedIn processes that and displays the next page.
  • Click return to open invitations.
  • Wait again.
  • Repeat that process for every page.


What was once a simple one-click action has devolved and now takes several minutes!


Do you receive lots of invitations? Visit InvitationAcceptanceMarc for all my LinkedIn and browser tricks.

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