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Optimizing Invitation Acceptances


I use the following steps to process, view, and accept invitations, including sending a welcome email out to all new connections. It includes all my browser and other software tricks and has been optimized over time so it just takes a few minutes. I hope it will help other ActiveNetworkers who similarly receive many invitations. MarcFreedman


Process invitations

  1. Display your first Invitation page. Go to http://www.linkedin.com/invitations?displayReceived .
  2. Display all other Invitation pages. Right click the page number and select Open Link In New Tab.
  3. Copy all text for each Invitation page. Click on the page and click Control-A and Control-Insert. I use Clipmate clip management Software that stores the text for later acess.
  4. From one invitation page display all invitations. Right click the invitation subject link and select Open Link In New Tab. This creates up to 30 new tabs/browser windows. While it can take a minute or two for LinkedIn to display a page, the large number of browser windows ensures that the first windows will be fully displayed by the time I'm done creating all the new tabs.
  5. Scan and dispose of each invitation. I glance at the invitation text and move the cursor over the sender name, which displays a summary of the sender profile. Type Control-W to close the tab of each invitation. In the rare case where I need or want to write a personal response after scanning the invitation, I locate and reply to the invitation in my email in my LinkedIn Invitations Received folder. I use Eudora for email, which has been set up to filter invitations into that folder.
  6. Accept all invitations. Click the checkbox to the left of each invitation on a page and click Accept.
  7. Repeat. Display, close, and accept all invitations for other invitation pages.


Contact new connections. For a relatively small mailing like this (a few hundred recipients or less) I use my regular email software.

  1. Append invitation text. From my Clipmate clip management Software I select the the clips that correspond to the text for each invitation page that I copied above and click the Append icon to create one aggregated clip.
  2. Extract addresses. I start my email address extraction Software, paste the aggregated clip, click Extract, and copy the resulting list of email addresses.
  3. Massage email addresses. My Eudora email software won't work with a naked list of addresses. So I created a Microsoft Word macro that appends a comma at the end of every address line. I paste the list of email address to a blank Microsoft Word file, run the macro, and copy all the comma-appended addresses.
  4. Send group email. I open my Accepted Invitations stationary on my email, paste the massaged list of addresses into the bcc field, and send.

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