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How to ask a question on Linkedin


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The next question got 148 answers.

What is your passion?


See how the question is built up. First there is an open question - the title, the question "What is your passion?". Then, in the clarification text box, the author gives his own answer first. His passion is to find out about other people's passion. The great thing about these kinds of clarification is that the answer to his question is at the same time the reason, the rationale, for asking the very question. This can very very powerful / attractive.

The next question asks people why they ask questions. Again, this is using the clarification to reinforce the question itself. The point is that the person asking a question should build trust by answering first, so people can see what is expected.

What is your purpose when you ask a question on LinkedIN?

The next question was asked by the Master of Asking Questions, Frank Kanu, Author of "The Art of Managing People by Asking Questions". The question is so great, first of all because there is no need to further clarify the question. And second and most important, anyone interested in the field of leadership, and thus a valuable contact for Frank, can simply not resist this question.

What is the single biggest mistake a leader can make? - 172 answers.

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