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Grow your LinkedIn network


Here are a few strategies and tips to grow your network.


Before you start:


  • You have a huge network ready to help you be successful. First GetStarted to learn who to invite and develop a strategy for using LinkedIn.
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook, consider installing the LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar.
  • If you use other email, contact, or CRM software or have address lists in file form, review how to add those contacts to LinkedIn.


Are you focusing on a Quantity connection strategy? If so:


Get listed on and use http://MyLink500.com !

  • Add your listing with your actual number of connections.
  • Get free promotion for you and your business with a listing.
  • Invite other members to send you a LinkedIn invitation..
  • Specify precisely how closed or open your networking is.
  • Get a list of top networkers you can invite now!


Now find those contacts.

  • Regularly import your Outlook contacts or other files containing your address book and emails.
  • Import lists of small groups that you belong too. This can include alumni, church members, professional groups, interest groups, mutual friends, etc.
  • Contact and connect to anchors. These can be the top and well-connected people and executives in your industry and area of expertise area.
  • Join the Lions, a group specifically formed to promote open networking. Check the database and email postings for people who want to network, as well as to list yourself and invite invitations.
  • Participate in other DiscussionGroups where you can make new contacts or find members open to networking.
  • Invite people who publicize their email address in their profile. This normally, but not always, indicates they are open to invitations.
  • Regularly send professional Introductions to people of interest and connect with them if they accept.


Make yourself easy to find.

  • Post a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature, forum postings, web site, and any materials seen by other people.
  • Include your email address in your profile.
  • Post an invitation to link with you with your email address in all LinkedIn messages, as well as your email signature, forum postings, web site, and any materials seen by other people.

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