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The DallasBlue Business Group



The DallasBlue Business Network ( http://DallasBlue.com ) is a leading business and technology resource for North Texas and international CEOs, executives, professionals, and networkers.


DallasBlue offers events every month so members can meet in person in Dallas or via teleseminars, network, and learn and profit from industry experts. Functions include Networking Lunches with top speakers, the CEO Rountable, Entrepreneur Expo, Extreme Networking, LinkedIn and networking seminars, executive career seminars, Digital Music Forum, and other events. The current schedule is at http://DallasMeet.com.






DallasBlue uses LinkedIn for online networking. Join the DallasBlue Executives LinkedIn group at http://DallasBlue.linkedingroup.com.


MarcFreedman is Founder and Executive Director of DallasBlue.

NOTE - DallasBlue LinkedIn services and web sites are independent resources for users of the LinkedIn networking service, and are not affiliated with or endorsed by LinkedIn.

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