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Contribute to the Wiki



Request a contributor account.

  • Send email with your name, email address, LinkedIn URL, and types of pages you'd like to add or update our wiki pages.
  • Do not share your contributor account. All changes are logged to track abuse.


Wiki editing help

  • What can you do with a wiki? Take a tour
  • How do you create a new page? 2 easy ways
  • Learn how to use bold, italics, tables, and more: The wiki style page
  • Beware LinkedIn. Take care with words with multiple capital letters. Use it intentionally to create and link to new pages. But it can an annoyance since
  • Share this wiki with others. It's easy
  • Play in the SandBox for advanced editing and testing.


Web Addresses.


Add your own wiki pages

  • NAMES: It's best to create a wiki page with no spaces like "FrontPage", since you can easily use that as a web address.
  • ADD A PAGE: Click New Page at the top of the screen.
  • EDIT A PAGE: Navigate to the page through the Directory or search. Click Edit Page at the top of the screen.
  • LINK A PAGE: Edit the bottom of the Directory page to add your new page titles nad links, submit category suggestions, or other editing feedback. Additional directory pages will be added over time.
  • GET RECOGNITION: Create your own personal Wiki page. Then add yourself to the bottom of the Contributors page.


Edit wiki pages.

  • DO NOT change FrontPage, SideBar, or the Settings page. Please be very careful changing any MyLinkWiki administration pages. It's best to clear changes through via email through Wiki host MarcFreedman.
  • Be respectful of other contributors. Use care in editing other people's pages. It is preferable to put your own page additions/changes at the end of the page with your own name.


Delete wiki pages

  • Contributors cannot delete pages. Send email to request page deletions.

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