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Contacting Connections Outside LinkedIn


There are a number of ways to reach your contacts outside of LinkedIn and its many restrictions.


Get your contacts


First grab your contacts in a form that is usable. Typically this means a CSV file that can be imported into other programs. However other services increasingly will do this for you.


Some options:

  • LinkedIn export connection feature. Visit your connections page and look for the Export link under your connections list. This will generate a CSV file.
  • Plaxo. Plaxo will read in your LinkedIn connections into its database, which can be synced with MS Outlook, which can be used for contact and exported as a CSV file for other programs.
  • LinkedInContactManager (LICM). LICM will automatically read in your connections. At this time however the software has not been updated to work with the current LinkedIn site.


Send group emails.

  • MS Outlook. Via LinkedIn sync or CSV import.
  • Other email software or services. See Software.

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