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NOTE - The following is from (at the time) a LinkedIn executive. Read the truth at LinkedInCustomerService.


Ensuring Service if you're a LinkedIn Business Customer


By KonstantinGuericke


Please always use the customer service form to contact customer service:


You get to it from the customer service link, which is at the bottom-right

of (virtually) every page on LinkedIn.


This is the only way we can guarantee a response within one business day to

Business or Pro account holders

http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=business_info_more .


If you are a premium user, used the form and do not get a reply within one

business day, please do let me know by sending me an email at (no longer at LinkedIn) and use the subject line "Customer service turnaround."

I'll ask the head of customer service to check into it and make sure we

deliver premium service to our premium members.

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