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LinkedIn for Active Networkers

Please read my ActiveNetworkersGuide. Learn how LinkedIn works and what not to do. Read Best Practices, recommendations, and related guidance to avoid complaints and work within LinkedIn's system and policies. -- MarcFreedman


What are active networkers?


Active Networkers are LinkedIn members with many weak connections who periodically contact their connections and contacts. LinkedIn members with over 500 connection typically are ActiveNetworkers. This is an important distinction as complaints come from weak connections.


Issues and Limitations





Articles on Active / Open Networking


What is a LinkedIn LION?


You will often see the acronym LION or L.I.O.N listed on people's prfiles. It stands for Linked In Open Networker - and is often used synonymously & interchangeably with "Open Networker" to describe someone that is receptive to receiving 'Invitations to Connect' from people they don't know.


Displaying your contact information in this way, particularly in the the Name field is actually against the LinkedIn Terms of Use, but is becoming increasingly prevalent, so is usually ignored by LinkedIn. However, if you make a complaint about receiving spam e-mails from other users, LinkedIn Customer Service will REMOVE your e-mail address & in some cases even send you a rude note. Depending on how defiant or daring you are, you can usually safely just add it back in & will probably be left alone.


In fact, you will note that as soon as you display your e-mail address in this way, you will also start receiving Invitations - a great way to build your network.


By becoming a LinkedIn Lion, you ARE NOT agreeing to CONNECT to everyone, or even anyone, who requests to connect to you. You are only agreeing to RECEIVE LinkedIn Connection Requests from other LinkedIn Lions. That's it. No other obligation.



The Advantage of being a LinkedIn LION:



A New Etiquette of LinkedIn:


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