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MyLink500 Advanced Editing Rules

Why do you have rulez?

MyLink500 is a community for hundreds of fellow networkers. As such, the following standards will be used to ensure some uniformity and prevent individual entries from hijacking the listings. If your entry does not meet these standards, it will be subject to editing without notice.


Editing rules


  • You are only allowed ONE listing. If your number of connections increases such that you add a new listing to a MyLink500 page with a higher connection range, be sure to delete your old listing.
  • Introductions are a displayed 250 character maximum, INCLUDING spaces.
  • Do not use words with all capital letters.
  • The only permissible HTML is for web links and email addresses. Do not use font bold, italics, colors, or any other HTML formatting.
  • Only provide a web or email link with your name, email address, company name, or a few words. Do not link an entire phrase, line, or paragraph.
  • Images are not be permitted.
  • Multiple listings for the same LinkedIn user are not permitted. If you add a listing on a new page or higher up on an existing page because you have more connections, be sure to delete the old listing.
  • Do not add table columns or otherwise change the table display and format.
  • Do not use the wiki "point and click" or HTML editor.
  • Do not use URLs longer than 40 characters unless they are part of an HTML link


Want to create a long listing or add HTML and graphics?


You can't do it on MyLinkWiki, which uses the rules above. But you are free to create other wiki page(s). Make them as long as you like. Knock yourself out and customize it with HTML, graphics, and other formatting. See MarcFreedman as an example. On your MyLink500 listing include a link to your wiki page.

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