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from 500 : http://MyLink500.com


Add or edit your listing on MyLink500


Home :: Connections: 10,000+ - 5,000-10,000 - 2,500-5,000 - 1,500-2,500 - 1,000-1,500 - 500-1,000 - 500- :: Add or update your listing :: Map/Slideshow


Edit MyLink500 to:

  • Add your own listing, or
  • Edit your existing listing to update your number of connections, description, etc.


Please follow the directions below.


Who updates MyLink500 listings?


You do. MyLink500 is a regular MyLinkWiki page. This conveniently means YOU directly maintain and are responsible for your own entry. If it's not right ... you can only blame yourself!


Editing the wiki page is simpler than writing a web page. But it does require some attention to detail to avoid mistakes. Please follow the directions and rules below. Any violation of the letter or spirit of the rules will result in the deletion of your listing.


Become a MyLinkWiki Contributor.


First you must become a MyLinkWiki Contributor to create or edit your MyLink500 listing. Visit the Contribute link to request an account and pick up editing tips.


Edit your LinkedIn profile to promote your fellow MyLink500 networkers.


MyLink500 isn't just a static directory. It's a community of networkers who help each other and bring in traffic by promoting the site. You must place a reference to MyLink500.com in your professional LinkedIn headline to maintain a valid MyLinkWiki listing. And keep it there forever and ever. We will be watching. MyLink500 listings that do not contain "MyLink500.com" in the associated LinkedIn headline will be removed.


The headline is the limited text (about 116 characters maxiumum) that you can insert directly after your name in your profile. To change your headline, click My Profile from your LinkedIn home page. Click the Edit link under your name as indicated below. We recommend putting your connection count there too as in the example below.




Log in with your MyLinkWiki account.


You will be supplied an account via email after your request (see step B above). Once you receive that info:


1. Go to the MyLink500 wiki page at 500 or http://MyLink500.com . It will display as http://linkedin.pbwiki.com/500 in your browser's address bar.


2. Click 'Log in' in the upper right corner.



3. Enter your password, name, and email address on the left side of the login page.



Find the right MyLink500 page

  1. From 500 or http://MyLink500.com , Click on the appropriate connection range.
  2. Click 'Edit Page' at the top of the page. Do NOT use the "Click and Point" or HTML editing option or link.


Update your listing

  1. Find your listing. When the edit box is displayed, you can scroll through the wiki code or in most browsers use the search function to search for your name and display that part of the page.
  2. Edit your listing. Do not delete any vertical marks "|". Be careful using certain punctuation marks as they may be reserved by the wiki (see the wiki style page.)
  3. After you're done editing, click 'Preview'.
  4. Review the Preview to ensure your edits display as desired. Test any web links you changed or added. There should be no blank lines in the listings, as that will split the table into two. Continue editing and previewing until the display is as desired.
  5. Click Save when done.
  6. If you are already have a listing and are creating a new one, be sure to delete the old listing!
  7. Listings will periodically be re-ordered by number of connections.


Add a listing

Go to the link above.


Advanced Editing

Please see MyLink500 Editing Rules if you plan to create a long entry or use HTML.


If you are cutting and pasting entries, moving text in the editing window is neither predictable nor easy. Vertical lines separate cells and are easy to lose track of. Listings typically take up multiple lines in the window. Finally you have to account for carriage return characters, which are not displayed.


The following is the best and safest way to ensure such changes do not wreck the table of LinkedIn member listings.


  1. Go to the beginning of the line where you are moving or inserting a listing. Hit the Enter key to create a blank link. You may have to clean this up later. But it's easier to see and delete a blank line than it is to try to separate concatenated listings.
  2. When you select or cut a listing, take care that you select the entire listing, which can cover multiple lines.
  3. Move or paste the listing to the blank line you created above.
  4. Look at both the areas in the editing view where you moved the listing from and to. If there is a blank line, delete it. If there are concatenated listings (there are two listings in a row), separate them on separate lines.
  5. Review the actual page display via Preview or Save. There should be one continuous table. If there are multiple tables, there are blank lines in the table editing view. Edit the page to remove the blank line(s). If the table is not properly displayed (additional columns displays to the right partway down the table, the text is not displayed in the right column partway down the table, etc.), then there are concatenated listings. Edit the page to separate the listings and put on separate lines. If that doesn't work, you may have deleted or added a vertical line and will have to edit the page appropriately to fix it.


Add yourself to our Map and Slideshow

Go to the Frappr link above.


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